Express Yourself

Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

South Congress's Gems...Pancake Heaven

A stack of Magnolia's chocolate chip pancakes
The photograph above show  Magnolia's beautiful chocolate chip pancakes. The photo shows a stack of two delicious pancakes. I waited in the hallway of a crowded Magnolia, on South Congress, in Austin, Texas to eat these delightful pancakes. It was well worth the wait. My daughter strongly suggested that I order a stack. She said that Magnolia is known for their pancakes.

They were brought to my table on an ordinary plate with two tabs of real butter. I appreciate butter. (I am not into the fake margarine.) I placed the pads of butter on each side of the huge pancakes in a symmetrical pattern. Then I flooded my circular discs with maple syrup. I carefully edged out a triangular shaped glob of heaven on my fork. I placed this delight into my mouth. Within seconds, my mouth did the happy dance and my taste buds thanked me. It tasted like eating gooey chocolate cake but within the confines of a marvelous pancake. The pancakes were fluffy and quite delightful. I have eaten at IHOP, Egg and I, Denny's, and Cracker Barrel, but these pancakes at Magnolias were other worldly. I have never tasted such wonderful pancakes. They were even better than my brother Greg's chocolate chip pancakes, and that is saying a lot. His pancakes are the bomb diggity, but Magnolia's pancakes are a nuclear detonation of flavor
I plan to go to Austin some time in the near future. Rest assured, Magnolias will be on my list to frequent. My mouth waters just thinking about those chocolate chip pancakes. Mmmm!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Too Busy To Post!

Too Busy To Post

I'm too busy to post
Too, just too, too busy
Too busy to sneeze
Achu! Not true!
Too busy to wheeze!
Where's my inhaler?
Too, just too busy!

I'm too busy to post
I see my blog
So ordinarily blah!
No new posts for me!
Nah! Just too, too busy!
Did ya hear me?

Too busy to go to the store
To busy to care anymore
To busy to pump any gas
Don't even notice the
How's the NASDAQ?
Too, too busy!

Too busy to sleep
Insomnia manic
my life's a panic
TOO, TOO busy!

No time for this!
Or that!
Or the other!
Your mother!
Not me!
I'm too, too busy!

(Except for right now!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In The Twilight Zone with Grammar Keepers

I have been in the Grammar Keeper's Zone for quite some time. All of my fourth grade friends have a shared Grammar Keeper's, Fun-sized Academic Writing for Serious Learning, Everyday Editing, Mechanically Inclined, Acts of Teaching, and The Story of My Thinking type of experience. I wonder what other people must think when they hear our conversations. It must seem odd. In celebration of AAAWWWUBBISizing sentences, pitchforking, Psst! Testing, and They're, There, and Their, I introduce this video I made tonight. If you are into Bernabei, Anderson, Abydos, Carroll and Wilson, then you will understand. If not, no explanation will suffice. Come join the constructs of the simple, compound, and complex sentences with subject, verbs, fanboys, commas, and sentence combinations!  I hope you enjoy!