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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Working It!

I have been working overtime lately--reading and writing like a boss!  Hey, I own this.  But the owning is taking quite some time. I think my brain, due to neural plasticity, has been changed and I am able to synthesize better, faster...sounds like the clip from the 5 Million Dollar Man or perhaps still, the Bionic Woman?  I have found a system that works well. Through trail and error, I have found hope and the confidence that I can read tons, write my notes, reread parts and then write what I remember.  After doing this, and discussing what I am learning with the students and teachers, my thinking is becoming solidified. Now I need to continue down this path and not panic.

 I have primary and intermediate goals.  By Saturday, I should have read How the Brain Learns. Then I will be ready to  synthesize and write a summary. On Sunday I will begin to read another book related to the brain and learning.  I should have that done by Wednesday with  and accompanying a
summary. By May 30th, if this pace works, I will have read 13 long books and have written 13 more summaries. My ultimate goal is understand on a deep level and finish,..just finish well.

 What do I get as a reward? Lots of learning and brain transformation. Additionally, I allow myself to post a meme in order to show my progress. These memes are my Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies with a glass of cold milk. They are my dessert and way to celebrate. I enjoy finding the right photo to encapsulate what I am feeling in that exact moment that the summary is finished. It is exhilarating. I will do this 13 more times. Hopefully, I will finish reading the last 13 books on time..  More reading, late nights, early mornings, lunch times, sharing, and hashing out my summaries is my mission. I will try, try and try some more.  Let the chips fall where they may. 

I can see it...the finish line! 

 Below you will see my poem that I wrote to encapsulate what I am going through.  Writing always helps me make sense of my crazy world. It is cathartic. This poem is dedicated to all the Abydos Writing Trainees in my group.  Keep tugging, grappling, pushing forward...we'll get there!

Working It
by Maureen Ucles

Working on a plan
Day by day
So many pages
Need some Tums 
Rolaids? None
Working on my plan
A little bit at a time
Bird by blasted bird
Gonna try harder
Do my better,
better than best

Working my plan
No end in sight
Pages 'tras pages
to read and why?
Learning takes time
Concepts to ponder
My brain is on overload
Makes me wonder

Bite sized chunks
 here and there
manage what I can
Learning's in the journey
One step at a time

Got my Flairs working
Annotation station
Capture the residue
Eighteen colores 
Five shades of blue
bringing it all together
Thesis statement
What's new?

New learning
Short term
Refreshing hue
Subconscious rumblings
More thoughts
Living in my head
New pathways forming
dendrites growing
connections found
stronger and bound
synaptic highways
high velocities
Long Term Memory, Baby!

Not giving in
Keeping hope alive
So close to a win
Can do it!
Got this!
Workin' it!
Working my plan!

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