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Friday, July 14, 2017

STAAR 4th Grade Writing Weighting of Test Items

The Texas Education Agency has produced a document that you might find helpful. It breaks down the Fourth Grade STAAR Writing Test for Spring 2017. Basically, we know that the multiple choice portion of the Fourth Grade STAAR Writing Test is weighted heavily. The multiple choice portion of the STAAR test is weighted at 75% of the test. Of that 75%, the editing section is weighted at 50% of the text and the revision portion is 25%. The expository composition is scored in the adjacent scoring model where two people score one composition. Their scores are added together. Scorers use the STAAR Writing Rubric that is based on a score of 1-4.  The two scores are combined. The composition may receive a maximum of 8 total points. The editing portion of the STAAR Test contains 16 multiple choice questions, and the revision section has 8 items. When all items are added together, there is a raw score of 32 possible items. Below you will find a screenshot of the weighting document. You may find this document by clicking on the link titled TEA Weighed Document below.

4th Grade STAAR Weighting Document Link

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