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Friday, July 7, 2017

Spanish Grammar Keepers Teacher and Student Versions Are Ready for Pick Up!

Noemi and I have been working like crazy today. Thus far we have finished our work on the Spanish Grammar Keepers 101 Chart. We worked on this chart last week. This week, we added the student version. We also added a teacher and student version in color and included one in black and white. We hope that this will help  bilingual teachers who are in need of resources in Spanish.

In addition to the Spanish Grammar Keepers 101, we are working on creating a Spanish and English Writing Road Map/Plan for the first semester. It will include narrative and expository composition, grammar, conventions, usage, and spelling patterning in English and Spanish.  We will also provide supporting documents and strategies that will facilitate the teaching of Writing in grade four and intermediate grades. We will share these documents once they are completed.  We look forward to providing more documents in Spanish. Some of these documents will support the implementation of the Spanish Grammar Keepers 101 Chart. We will share some strategies to teach process writing, revision, and editing that can be directly bridged to the STAAR Revising and Editing portion of the STAAR Grade 4 English and Spanish Assessment.

To download a copy of the Spanish Grammar Keepers Chart, please click on the link below. We hope that you will find this resource very helpful.
Spanish Grammar Keepers 101 Teacher and Student Version

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  1. First of all, THANK YOU! This is amazing. However, when I download the document several of the cells are just blank. Is there a way to get this emailed directly?