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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Quiet and Coffee


I love to read quotes and see images from Susan Cain's Quiet Revolution page on Face Book.  If you are interested in visiting this page, please click on the link provided:

I went to IHOP yesterday for dinner. I went by myself. I am an introvert so being alone is not a problem. I have found myself going to IHOP and coffee houses because I know that I can sit down and order bottomless cups of coffee  and read my books. I sometimes go there to read and write. Yesterday I was reading a book about poetry.  I was completely caught up in my own world, so much so that the waitress didn't want to interrupt me to give me the check.  She said, "You looked so into your book, that I didn't want to interrupt your reading."

I love to do this.  There's something about sitting down and reading in a coffee house. I really enjoy doing this. Sometimes words will start popping out and I will have to get my notebook out to write down my thoughts.  Coffee, books and my notebook.  No other place that I like to be to connect with the Quiet inside of me.  Susan Cain, in her book Quiet, speaks about the introverts need to reconnect and find some quiet time to rejuvenate. Going and having coffee and me time, definitely does the trick for me.  That is why I picked the poem to share.  I connect to it in many ways.

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