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--Dr. Seuss

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Me and My Memes!

I just found a new toy.  This toy cannot be bought on line with Amazon or at Toys R Us! No, this toy is meme making!  I find it such fun! I recently went back to my site for making memes and I found out that other people on this site actually look at my memes.  One person responded to two of my memes.  They were really funny!  I never thought or considered that a meme could answer another meme. I leave you with the original meme that I created and the response meme.  Then I left you with a few of the memes that I created today.  Fun!

My Original Meme

Response to my meme (see photo above)

My original meme

Response to my meme (see koala meme above)

My new meme

My new meme

My new meme

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