Express Yourself

Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Just Trying Some Things Out

Just trying out some things
Put on a rhyme or two
Maybe three four
Out of my door
Into the vines
Ain't got the time
for me

Everything's a blur
Too darn fast
Yes, ma'am
No sir!
Can't slow down
even for a second

Throat is soar
I am devoid of feelings
running out the door
What's am I here for?

Time heals all
wounds inside
and out
Not buying it
In the least

Need to reju
Get this mess off
my plate
so full of
overwhelming sense
of velocity
inertia personified
I am

Calgon can't help me
Mama won't call
Dogs at the groomer
Not having a ball
Feel out of control
Like I lost me
My soul
Smell the rositas
No time!
No present
past and future
Just a blur!

Where I reside
Just look deep inside
You'll find no more of me
Just lost in a black hole
with no hope at all
SLOW down
put on the breaks
can't take it anymore
Wanna get away?
Southwest Airlines
Fly me to Bermuda
Throw me through the triangle
Until I can renew-
Slow down...for a second
Make sense of it all

Today, tomorrow, next week
In view
only partial
stuck on the dirty side
of Hurricane of life
When will it subside?
Winds of change a comin'
Tidal surge
I'm on the verge
of letting it go
But the change is incremental
Way too stinking slow!

One day soon
Soon never comes
Knocking on my door
bumper to bumper
Houston style
I need to get out!

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