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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 9, 2015

Great Workshop Today Archives

I just wanted to let you know that working with such great writing teachers is inspirational.  We came up with some good connections to Rachel Crow's Mean Girlspairing to work on the memory kernel.  We thought about adding The Bully by Donald Graves's Summer Squash book of poetry.  I'll get the right title tomorrow when I get sometime.  Jeannette had a few other suggested text that could go along with it.  I'll add those tomorrow as well.  I'll also add pictures of the Invitation to Collect from Saturday and today.  I will add my memory kernel about bullying today. I hadn't really written about it before with such emotion.  Working with you all and peer conferencing with Say Back gave me some invitations to revise.  I'll include it in a few days.  We have some BADABINGS and BOOMS that need to be read by you all.  They were fantastic! This is a formal invitation to share out!  What about some invitation to imitate!  You wrote some good ones and found lots wonderful examples!  Mil gracias!

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