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Monday, March 9, 2015

Last Moments with Just Write Baby!

Today I must say goodbye to a great friend.  Since 2011 Just Write, Baby! has been my first and serious blog.  I became devoted to it as I watched it grow. Karen Justl inspired me to create this blog. After experiencing the Sam Houston Writing Project, I began to post in earnest. Dr. Nancy Votteler encouraged me to continue writing.

Being involved with so many people, along the way, has inspired so many posts!  Thanks for sharing the journey with me. Special thanks go out to Abydos, Alana Morris, Gretchen Bernabei, Omaly Sandoval, Michelle Garcia, Sarah Salas, Vivian Pratts, Martha Martinez, Cathie Robinson, Jennifer Blaine, Noemi Leon-Garcia, Teresa Batres, Jeanette Choy, Annie Mitchell, JoAnn Conlon, Ro Luecken, Cathy Roth and many, many more. Thanks for your support. I only wish that my mother could read my posts daily. I know she would love to read them.

As I have taken about a week to try to transfer most of my posts...thinking...composing...creating, I am grateful for finding this diamond in the rough.  I have become a better writer, poet, creator and explorer of the digital realities.  I am going to miss you dear friend.  It is a good thing that I know your clone!  So onward and upward with Just Write, Baby! 1, 2, 3. . . Go!  Ready to make this my main blog!  Just Write Baby!  Goooooo!

I have left a few screen shots using Snag it!  Wonderful memories.

This is an update. I brought it back from its deleted state.  Google gave me an option to postpone the act of deletion.  I am going to keep the remnants of this blog for a little while longer. It was sad to go to Google and not see it there. I will, however, stay faithful to this one.  If you are interested in seeing the last visages of it, go to Just Write, Baby!

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