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--Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In The Twilight Zone with Grammar Keepers

I have been in the Grammar Keeper's Zone for quite some time. All of my fourth grade friends have a shared Grammar Keeper's, Fun-sized Academic Writing for Serious Learning, Everyday Editing, Mechanically Inclined, Acts of Teaching, and The Story of My Thinking type of experience. I wonder what other people must think when they hear our conversations. It must seem odd. In celebration of AAAWWWUBBISizing sentences, pitchforking, Psst! Testing, and They're, There, and Their, I introduce this video I made tonight. If you are into Bernabei, Anderson, Abydos, Carroll and Wilson, then you will understand. If not, no explanation will suffice. Come join the constructs of the simple, compound, and complex sentences with subject, verbs, fanboys, commas, and sentence combinations!  I hope you enjoy!

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