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Monday, March 28, 2016

STAAR Writing Test Eve...Reflections

I am extremely exhausted. I reviewed with my students today and I hope that they will do what they know how to do. I hope that they try and not give up. Some of my students are extremely hard workers and will try their best. I have a few who need to exert themselves more and show their work. I don' t know what will happen tomorrow. It is scary because it is out of my hands. I am glad, though that this journey of testing is coming to an end. As I stated in my last post, I have left it all on the floor. I gave all of my heart, mind, and soul to this endeavour. I honestly do not know what more I could have done. I have given it more than my best and we will see what happens. Leaving it up to God is the last thing that I need to do. I know there is a saying by a very wise person. "You must do everything as if everything depends on you, and pray as if everything depends on God." That is where I am right now.

My room is very sad. I had to take some things down and then cover the rest of my walls and anchor charts. Most of my room is covered. It felt like a funeral covering up everything. I tried to use the same color of cover up with the color of my anchor charts so that my students may look over. The hope is that the familiarity of color and shape may trigger a memory and concepts learned. That is my hope.

One thing happened today that I didn't expect. Two of my students were absent. These students are rarely absent. They both are good students, but they would have benefited from one last review day. We had Friday off and previously a week off from spring break. I worked so hard last week catching them up from a week off of school. But really, what can I do? I cannot control this. Either they are ready or they are not. I just hope these two do well. 

We will see what happens tomorrow. I am happy, but a little frightful too. What if...what if...nah I am going to bed early. I will make sure I say my prayers tonight.

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