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Friday, June 30, 2017

Weighting of 7th Grade STAAR Writing Test

I attended the Trail of Breadcrumbs Trainer of Trainers Conference in New Braunfels recently. I shared some resources that I had created with my school in bilingual and mainstream classrooms. I also spoke about the break down of the 4th grade STAAR Writing Test. I mentioned that 75% of the test is based on the multiple choice section. There are two sections of the multiple choice portion of the test. The two sections are editing and revision. There are sixteen editing questions and eight revision questions. The composition portion of the test is counted as 8 points using the adjacent scoring model. The test is based on 32 items.  When we took a break, a seventh grade teacher asked me about the break down of the 7th grade test. She said that her school had never discussed the break down of the test. I told her that I knew it was a bit different. I also promised to look into it. In this post, I have the break down from a document from the Texas Education Agency's website.  You may access more of their resources by clicking on the TEA link provided. TEA Writing Resource Link  In addition, I am providing a screenshot of that information.

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