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Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss

Saturday, August 27, 2016

25,000 Club

My first blog called Just Write Baby! had 54,000 page views before it was cancelled. It was cancelled when I switched jobs because the email that I used to create the blog was attached to my job. Anything that I had connected to the previous job's email, was wiped away. I am so glad that I decided to move most of my posts over to this blog about two years ago. I actually didn't know, but I could have saved the posts by importing all of them. I, instead, took weeks copying and pasting.  I did lose a few posts though.

I wondered how this blog would do and how long it would take to have 54,000 page views. Well, I have reached a personal milestone. I am almost half way there. Now, that I have made it to 25,000 page views, I have to keep it going. There are times when I am too busy to post. I have a zillion things going on in my new job that I sometimes don't have time to write. I need to correct that because writing is my way of making sense of my world. It is a way of expressing myself, getting those ruminating thoughts out, and is a way to relax and create. That is what  I loved about my year back in the classroom. I was able to create and try some things out. I was able to chronicle my journey. But why should it end? Well, it is not going to end. I plan to continue posting and to be more consistent. Why? Because I am a writer. I need to write just as I need to breathe. It is a part of me. I need to create.

Soon there should be more poetry popping and ideas flowing. My new job has my brain spinning a a thousand miles an hour. I need to slow it down by reflecting, and writing is a way to make my world seems less blurry. I need to do this. Having said that, see you soon!

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