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Friday, September 16, 2016

Thesis Statement-Tape Has Adhesive Properties That Makes Life Easier

Alana Morris asked to me write a blog post about the adhesive properties of tape. Here it is:

You have your scotch tape. You have double-sided tape. You have your duct tape that now comes in all colors and designs. There is masking tape. This all sounds like lines from Forest Gump, but that might be too sticky of a topic. There's one thing that is true. Tape has adhesive properties that simplify lives. Why else would you use them?

I love the new duct tape. I am not talking about the boring gray types. Now there are designs like moustaches, hamburger and fries, and even macaroni and cheese. I use them to decorate and cover my composition notebooks. They have such great adhesive properties that they can be used to join notebooks together. Staples are too dangerous. They tend to protrude and cut human flesh. Tape? NEVER!

I used double-sided tape a lot last year in my classroom. Double sided tape is enormously adhesive. It sticks just about to anything on the wall, door, or windows of the classroom. Posters and anchor charts would never even think of falling down. I could have stuck an elephant to my wall without even a second thought. Unfortunately, there wasn't any available, and it would have taken up a little too much space.

Electric tape is so wonderful for those exposed electrical cords that I refuse to replace. I use it on my old phone chargers. They never need to be replaced because of electric tape's great stick factor.

I love to use scotch tape for my notebooks. I tape everything but my kitchen sink in my notebook. I tape business cards, schedules, tickets, emails, photos, and little Crunch candy bars (a tasty artifact). It isn't messy and nothing will fall out. Again, great stick factor.

No matter how you slice or tape it, the adhesive qualities of  tape makes my life easier. My notebooks, presents, elephants, and chargers thank me for using so much tape. I adore tape!

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