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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tony Romo-Poem Number Two For 2017 National Poetry Month

I have been lagging in my posting as of late. I could say as of really late. To make up for my absence and to celebrate National Poetry Month, I am posting four poems tonight. We will see where it goes!

True Blue-Ode to Tony Romo

Driving home 
Houston traffic
Four thirty-eight
My wicked fate
Dastardly diesel fumes
Toxic, noxious
Spewing my way
Sitting powerless
insane traffic
 parking lot
bored out of my mind
watching the grass grow
 humongous monster
Dallas style
Painted in white
blue stars on the back
Fan Number 1!

I wondered
Does he know?
Hasn't anyone said?
Tony Romo has retired!
Tony Romo has retired!
Poor Texans!
Moving to the booth
No more controversy
How boring!
How bland!

My car
Toyota Corrolla
Nothing blue
Nothing true
Football fan
Detesting the 'Boys

Texans need a QB
better than Hoyer
Not Tony Uh-oh!
Even Tony
with a broken back,
Two collarbones
in the blue and red 
throwing bombs
to D-Hop
(not to the other team)
better than Brock
Now nothing
Prospects? Savage?
Poor D-Hop
B Miller
No passing!

At least we've got
Clowny and Watt
Defense! Defense!

We're moving!
Traffic's flowing
Twenty-five mpr
Five o five
Driving home

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