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Monday, December 15, 2014

For My Friend-Six Years and...

Every now and then certain people come in your life and brighten it.  Certain people come in your life and make a huge dent.  A friend and colleague is leaving her position to move on to better things. I am happy for her, but I am sad for all the wreckage that she has left behind. I am that wreckage.  I truly won't be the same without her support, laugh, and bouncing of ideas.  I never knew that six and a half years ago, that moving from a family at Cedar Brook Elementary, I would find another.  In Alana Morris I have found a true kindred spirit.  She has been a great friend to me.  We worked in the trenches together for six and a half years.  Alas, she has to move forward and so do I.  I cherish the fun times and the crazy times from netbooks, to Loretta, from fresas de chocolate to Dominoes Pizza with crazy cheese bread.  I will remember these times with a smile and some laughter.  For me, I will keep in contact with her on Texans Sundays and lots of text messages that turn into poetry and late phone calls on the way home from work.  This cannot be the end, only the continuance of a journey, a journey through literacy, friendship and just being human!  Love ya Alana!  This one's for you. (It is only a draft!)

Six Years and…
By Maureen Ucles
Six years and a half—
Could have sworn it
Just yesterday
We were workin’
Bouncing ideas
Free flowin’
Oh no!
Step around, jump, skip
Whatever you can
Don’t step
on that crack
Break your mamma’s back
Or my heart
Whichever comes first…

Six years and a half
Can’t remember it all
Can never go back
I just wanna
Slow down time
Tick-toc  tick-toc
You don’t stop
Tickety-tickety toc
Sounds rackin’ my brain
Feel a little convoluted
Little insane
Just can’t see it
My way

Six years and a half
Running through
Not walking--
Time flies
Fun in the Sun
Always a laugh
On clearance
Now gone-
Past layaway

Six years and counting
Why does it have to end…
this way?
So very hard
To say
Goodbye and
Set the past free
What it can be
What it was
Without me
Just gone, gone, gone
Cold chills
In my veins
Not so easy
With all my lungs
Tired of breathing
Still wheezing
Such a catastrophe
I am
Without ya

Six years and a half
Don’t really have the Math
Cannot compute
This craziness
Why do you have to flee?
No sense
Is this making
And me?
I am not faking
Cannot seem to wake
From this nightmare
I am ‘a living

This six years and a half
Done gone
Like  cold coffee
Down the drain
With those grinds
Six stinkin’ years
No more
And and
a half

To be continued

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