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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Books, Books, Books..What to do?

I am going to try to do three book studies in the upcoming months.  I want to do a book study for When Kids Can't Read by Kylene Beers, Readers in the Wild by Donalyn Miller, and Quiet by Susan Cain.  That is the way it is with me.  I have interests and I want to pursue them no matter if it seems to be too much.  I also know that I can be ambitious in my pursuits and later regret it.  I regret it, not because I don't want to do it, but I seem to run out of precious time.  Other projects pop up that I don't plan for because they are in the future.  I will do this any how knowing the consequences because I so want to read these books so bad and share my thoughts with others.  It will also give me a chance to get to know other people's thoughts and ideas.  There are a billion reasons to do this and a few nagging time constraints that pull at me.  Nonetheless I shall move forward.

Kylene Beers book has been recommended to me by Alana Morris.  I bought it at NCTE a zillion years ago in San Antonio.  I just never cracked it open for more than two seconds, due to...time constraints.  I am so looking forward to reading this with my book club.  I have teamed up with Martha Meyer to have a face to face book study and add a virtual Face Book group to the mix.  I love it!  I am so looking forward to this journey.

Reading in the Wild is a book that I bought last Spring.  After hearing Donalyn Miller at TCTELA I was inspired to get more into the writings of the Book Whisper.  I bought her book on Audible and listened on my way to work, but my mind wonders because the voice over was quite boring.  I know Donalyn's voice would be so much more animated.  Now I have this book and I can't wait to get a book study going on.  I cannot wait for the Christmas/Winter break so I can cuddle up next to this book on cold December mornings with my cup of Blond coffee with extra cream from Starbucks. It will be nice.

I am half way through Susan Cane's book Quiet.  I love this book because it reveals so much about who I am as an introvert.  It answers so many questions about me and why I am the way I am.  I have two colleagues that are waiting to start a book study. I have set up a blog for this.  Now I need to set up some meeting dates to decide which chapters we want to read and when.  My blog is called Come to the Quiet.  The address is if you would like to join.

I also have a many, many summaries due for my Abydos writing training.  So much to little time.  I haven't even touched on this.  Another day, another post.

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