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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Low Carb Request

As I posted earlier this week, I made a few people agitated. I guess no one probably had ever requested what I did. I didn't ask for extra food. I didn't cut in line. I didn't take one too many ketchups. (I even stopped asking for mustard.)So what could I have done to cause such consternation? What exactly caused the earth to stop spinning on its axis?  I asked for cheese sauce by itself and then proceeded to ask for the ground beef without including, wait for it, the round tortilla chips. Apparently, that is no no. The lunch lady peered at me. Her look can be described as being partially put off by the request and partially in a state of shock. She said, "We cannot sell it to you this way?" I put my hands up and said, "I can't have the carbs." I don't think she understood. I could have said that I was allergic to the chips, but the wouldn't be true. It could be debatable though. I mean, I have gained some excess pounds because I have consumed too many chips. My body seems be swollen because of it. I am trying to eat low carb now. She kept insisting that she couldn't sell me this. Her manager intervened. I then said, "I can't have the carbs. I will pay full price." I hoped that comment would alleviate some of the pain and confusion that I had caused by my cheese and ground beef request. A manager intervened and said, "She can't have the carbs." The manager suggested that I would have the cheese and ground beef with two servings of corn. I only really wanted cheese sauce, ground beef, corn, and pinto beans. I was going to put them together and eat it that way. I didn't think I needed to share every detail. I was stopped cold at cheese sauce. I accepted their peace offering of double corn because by then I was a little afraid to ask for the beans. There you have it!  I ended up with a little serving of cheese sauce, meat, and two servings of corn.

The next day, I saw that the cafeteria was serving cucumbers. I thought I would like two servings of cucumber to go with the lunch that I had brought. I was hesitant to go and ask for that because the lunch lady that served me yesterday was serving today. I didn't want to confuse her and make her go off the deep end. I decided to ask anyhow because the cucumbers looked so delicious. When I walked up to her station, she was writing something down and moved across the room to talk with some staff in the back. I don't know if that was intentional because she didn't want to have to deal with the crazy teacher who orders cheese sauce without chips or if she had some other work to do. I stayed there and waited for thirty and then decided that the cucumbers would have to wait until another day. I was down to 23 minutes of my lunch time by this time.

In honor of that day, I have created a meme with Kevin Hart. It represents how I perceived the lady as she looked at me. I wonder if she was thinking these thoughts. I am using some hyperbole in this depiction. The whole event was rather comical to me. I had no idea that leaving out the carbs was so offensive. I just think she wasn't ready for my healthy or somewhat healthy request. I guess I can't ask for mustard anymore either. Oh, well!

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