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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Day

For my lunch time post, I would like to appreciate two teachers who had an great influence on my life.  Ms. Folden, my 9-11 grade Spanish teacher, and Ms. West (my 8th grade English teacher) were the best.

Ms. Folden gave me a love of languages. I studied Spanish with her for three years. I did well in her class. I wish I could tell her what a great impact she had on my life. I would love to seriously converse with her in Spanish. I think she would be amazed that I am bilingual/biliterate. I could share stories of being a bilingual teacher and my time in the Peace Corps in Honduras.

Ms. West (Ms Malone) was the best English teacher that I ever had. We learned so much in her class. You really had to work hard to get a good grade. My last semester I got an A in her class, and boy did I have to work!  I wish I could tell her how great an impact. Rest in peace Ms. Malone!

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