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Saturday, May 9, 2015

QEP Professional Books-Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations

Catherine at QEP Professional books showed me the new Poetry Friday Anthology by Wong and Vardell. I have shared some of these poems about holiday and celebrations with some of my students. They really liked them, along with the pocket poems.  This is another great resource from Vardell and Wong because the poems are in English and Spanish.  I have included QEP's link and a screenshot of their website.  I highly recommend this company. They have so many great resources for educators. The QEP ladies are always so nice and helpful. Anytime I have needed anything, they took the time to help me find things and guided me to newer resources.
QEP Professional Books

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  1. Maureen: Thanks so much for this wonderful post. So wonderful to hear that you and your students are enjoying the brand new CELEBRATIONS book. And I, too, am a dedicated member of the unofficial "QEP Fan Club"; Catherine, Dee, Bettye, and Jessica make everything EASY! (hoping to meet you at a future conference!!!)