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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jeff Anderson's Visit and His New Book Zack Delacruz-Me and My Big Mouth

I know this is a long time coming, but never late than never, right? I think it is about time that I finally posted some of my reflections about Jeff's visit back in 2014. Thrilled is how I felt when I heard that Jeff Anderson was going share his knowledge and expertise with many teachers and coaches. When some consultants visit, I can take them or leave them. Not with Jeff! Nope he is highly respected and regarded in the language arts community.  We were not disappointed in the least. He had so much to share about expository writing. Because we experienced the writing together, many of the things that he had taught us had a high stick factor. He was engaging, hilarious and nothing but fun!  Those are my kind of staff developments!

I really liked how he showed us authentic mentor expository text. We used these examples and tried them out on our own. This was very engaging.

Jeff Anderson and Maureen Ucles

In addition to that, I loved the idea of power writing. I have used this with my students. We used it the other day with our reading responses. They were so jazzed about it.

Overall, the day was great. I wasn't bored one time and I took copious notes. As I was going through my photos from my phone, I found a few that I want to share. It was an honor having Jeff join us in SBISD and to get to talk to him. He is a great guy and fantastic staff developer. His books are nothing short of fantastic. Now he is an author of a middle school novel. (See below.)
Jeff Anderson's new book to released in August, 2015

 It will be out soon and I will definitely buy a copy to read and share with my students. It's pretty cool to say that I know the author! Pretty darn cool!  Thanks Jeff!

For more information about Jeff Anderson, go to the link provided:

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