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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Expository Writing Has Gone To the Dogs! Who Let the Dogs Out?

I saw this really cute video on Face Book. Dogs dine in this funny video. It looks as if they are dining around the holiday season. I always look for silly videos to show my students. They like dogs and cats. One boy today asked me to find a funny dog video. I guess he has seen too many crazy cat videos. To honor him, I found a cute video. There is a cat cameo.

I am going to use this as a trigger to write in an expository way. First I will show the video. Then they will watch it again to try to find what they like about it. Then I will ask them their opinion about it. They will write a belief statements and discuss with a partner why they believe what they do about the partner by citing examples and evidence from the video. They will then take a quickwrite and discuss what they thought. They will read their writing to partners of 2 and 3. Each partner will read and then listen for a belief statement and reasons which could include evidence and examples from the video. They will then sign each other's paper's stating that they listened to each other's work.
We will then debrief and share out. Expository writing is everywhere! It has gone to the dogs!

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