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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nouns! Yeppers! My Second Nawmal Video!

I waited and waited and waited and waited some more! I have been waiting for a millennium for Xtranormal to come back. How I loved making videos with Xtranormal. The site went down about 3 or so years ago. Another company resurrected the company. I would check back intermittently to see when this would happen. Finally in September there was finite news that Xtranormal would be resurrected with the company Nawmal. I added myself to their website email list. They announced that the educator's site would be up by December. Today, I received an email that they are up and running. I produced two videos today using the site. Now, I can do more with my classroom and Google Sites. Yay!  Here is my first educational video about nouns. I fused some of the things that I am currently studying with my students, along with Gretchen Bernabei's Grammar Keepers. Here goes!

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