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--Dr. Seuss

Friday, February 13, 2015

On Posting from Everyday is Special

I just posted to the blog by Angelique Moulton called Everyday is Special.  She invited me to be a contributor.  I liked what I posted, so I brought it over to my home blog.  If you are interested in reading her blog go to or go to this link:

Everyday Is Special

You know if you post, they will read!  That is true. If you are consistent in posting very frequently, more people will come back to read. I am trying to encourage myself to be more consistent in my posts and to also encourage other fellow bloggers too.  Here are my thoughts about blogging:

  1. It is a cathartic action.  You get to write to find yourself.  You get to write to let some feelings out and vent.  
  2. You can be creative.  It is your blog.  You decide what you want to post and when you want to post. You are the boss of your own destiny.
  3. Someone will eventually read it.  They may like it or hate it.  It really doesn't matter because people you may not know are reading it.
  4. You can make your writing grow along with your ideas.  Ideas come from experience and contemplation.  Sometimes you don't even know your message or idea until your flesh it out in writing.  Ideas are born through writing.
  5. Writing is a social act.  You may get some comments from time to time. It is such a unique idea to know that you are possibly connecting with people all over the world.  Through Google stats you can pinpoint your audience.  It will tell you how many page views you have by day, week, month and all time.  You can also see how many people are viewing certain posts.  This way you can see what people are paying attention to.  That may narrow your focus on certain types of posts.  It is nice to know that your audience is global!
  6. Writing digitally is fun!  Getting your idea out there is thrilling and worth the effort. It doesn't have to be perfect, just out there.
These are my thoughts about blogging and posting. I am sure I have more, but I haven't thought of them yet because I haven't written them down. Happy blogging!  Get your blogging on!  POST! POST! POST!

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