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Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Extravaganza

I was so happy to be back teaching today. I couldn't wait to show my students all the new books that I had brought with Scholastic points. It was like Christmas or a surprise birthday party for them. You could see their eyes light up when I introduced them to their new friends. They were close to salivating for those books. They really like graphic novels. I ordered more Bone books in the series. I ordered more Diary of a Whimpy Kid. The oooohhed and auuuggged with them Big Nates and then Gumball! I would have thought they had seen One Direction or something. They did  the same thing with the Legos books too. They went crazy of the I Survived Series too!  Wow! What fun! That's why I love teaching so much. When you see the joy in their faces and can help foster a love of reading, then it makes all the sacrifices that we teachers make so worth while.
 "I got dibs on that one!" one said.
 "No, I have dibs on that one!"said another.
 "Well, I said it first!"replied the first one.
"No dibs allowed, " I said. "There has to be better way to settle this!"
I was thinking about having a lottery for some of the books that were popular. It seems that Wonder has become very wonderful for them and I only have a few copies. I also bought the second book to Wonder and they are clamouring for that one too!  Ahh, the problems that great books create! Nice problem to have. What's the alternative? Don't even want to go down that path.

I really, really enjoyed reading and implementing many of the practical ideas that Donalyn Miller suggests in her book called Reading in the Wild. She suggests having a lottery system where students put their names in a hat or something like it. On Friday, a name is drawn for the coveted text.When the teacher chooses a name, that student reads it first and then a list is made. I think that is what I am going to have to do.

I am also calling together my library committee. Several students stepped up to volunteer to be on the committee to organize our classroom library. I will be selecting these members next week. They will formulate a plan to label and organize the library. I asked Ms. O'Quinn if she would be available for an interview. She is the school's librarian. I think she has lots of wisdom of how to organize and maintain a school library. The students took photos of her library the other day. They will be presenting to the class very soon. This will be an adventure. I look forward to seeing what they decide.  So many books, so little time. We will see what happens!  Chou for now!

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  1. I recently added 2 library managers to my class jobs. They are in charge or making sure books are in the correct tubs and checking with students who are taking books home.
    My kids love graphic novels too!!! The Lunch Lady series is popular... I recently purchased 2 more books in the series from The Who Would Win series is REALLY popular as well. I used my Scholastic points last year and bought the series and those books are always being read. The book box is almost always empty.