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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Writing, Notebooks and Other Happenings

Wow! This is my third consecutive day to post! What has gotten into me? Well, last week I was too, too tired to even think. This week I am still tired, but I can be a little more reflective. Today, I had to attend an early morning meeting. The meeting went fine, but I didn't have my usual chill routine. I need a peaceful morning before the storm. That is why I get to my job so early. I like to take my time because I know the rest of the day will be some kind of crazy. Nineteen young learners need my complete attention. I want and need to be at my best!

Today, I started my work day out of sync.  I didn't get to meet with my students to chat about the day and to find out how they are doing.  Instead, I caught them being wild readers. They were all sitting comfortably and reading quietly. Another colleague was watching them, while I was at the meeting. That is a great thing to witness. Even though I didn't get to start my day the way that I am comfortably accustomed to, it was nice to see the difference a week makes.

My day became brighter as my class and I read and discussed the poem Where I Am From by George Ella Lyon.  I shared my poem called To and Fro'. I shared my literacy life with them through this autobiographical jaunt through my literacy life. While I was reading it, with much expression and vigor (Eddie Wilson would be proud), I heard one of my boys saying, "That's me!  That's me!"
I expressed my early struggle with reading in the first few stanzas of my poem. They seemed to identify with my early experiences with reading. When we finished analyzing my poem, my students asked, "Can we write of poem of where we are from?" I loved it!  They were so excited about writing!  We then brainstormed ideas in a word splash. We then took a quickwrite.  Many of my students were lost in their writing. I could say they are wild writers too! They wrote in many different forms as well. I loved this moment!
Meet My Notebooks!

Near the end of the day, one of my students asked me, "Ms. Ucles, are you going to finish decorating your reader's and writer's notebook? What about your Science notebook?" I regretfully said, " I would love to, but I haven't had the time." I stayed extra late at work tonight. I stayed to finish decorating and making my notebooks. It was what I needed. It gave me time to create, slow down, and design my notebooks. I cannot wait to show them to my students tomorrow. I still have to work on my Math and Social Studies books yet. Maybe tomorrow I will be working late as well!

Another very nice day over and done. What will tomorrow bring?

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