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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top Ten List Reasons Why I Love My Job

I just got off the phone with a friend. My plan was to write about my day, but that will take too long. I have decided to let the ideas percolate a little more. Let them simma down nah (SNL reference). Tomorrow I will let them fly and give them the time and respect that they deserve. Needless to say, I have lots to write. This week was great, besides the onset of a migraine yesterday.

In place of the post that I intended and no longer have the energy to write, I shall suplant it with a top ten list. What top ten list?  The top ten reasons I am where I am.

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Job

(in no particular order of importance)

  1. The people. The people with whom I work are first-class caring and fun individuals. (From the office staff, administration, teams of extremely dedicated teachers, and awesome students and parents.) They make coming to work each day a pleasure. Great people! Great place to work! 
  2. If I am  an early bird, I get the worm and a great parking spot. I am always super early. I like my parking place. I enjoy getting to work sometimes before Lisa Calloway. That's not always possible, but I like to rag her on. I text her: Where are you? I am here in the parking lot.
  3. There's a Burger King a skip and a jump away. (My breakfast stop.)
  4. El Gallo is two skips and a jump away. (I never get to go there, though, except for dinner.)
  5. I get to wear JEANS! I sometimes get to wear JEANS! TWO DAYS A WEEK I GET TO WEAR JEANS! I haven't worn jeans to work for seven long years!  Now it's twice a week!
  6. I get to wear teacher t-shirts! I get to wear teacher t-shirts with inspirational quotes and saying for the kids to read and be inspired. They really like my new subject related t-shirts. They even wanted to buy their own. Thanks to Amazon and, I found some doozies! 
  7. The school t-shirts are off the chain!  They are so nice this year. I don't usually like yellow, but the light bulb design is some kind of special!
  8. I have real windows and natural light in my classroom. I haven't had real windows for seven long years. Siberia comes to mind in my previous job.  No natural light. Maybe it could compare it to living in Antarctica. Now I feel like I am in Jamaica, Mon!
  9. I get to work with some serious nerds. The techie people are awesome. It is great to have some great techie talk and get some ideas rolling!
  10. My class makes my daily commute and early morning worth it! I love working with my class. Everyday I thank the good Lord for my students and their caring parents. They bring a smile to my face and are inspirational! Thanks everyone!
There you have it! Five weeks in and my top ten list. I have a feeling that there might be other things that top this list a month from now. Can't wait!

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