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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Abydos Reading Week-Stretch to Sketch

I had the privilege to work with some students during summer school. I decided to embed in my summer school plans some Abydos Reading, Writing, and Grammar work. One of the ways that we experienced Abydos Reading Week was going through Sketch to Stretch. It is an reading activity that comes from the Compendium of Reading Strategies. Basically, the reader reads their text alone. Then he/she decides how he/she could better represent the themes in what he/she read. The reader interprets and then draws sketches and icons to represent metaphorically what he/she read. The reader then shows the small group audience his/her sketch. The audience then, one by one, interprets the icons and symbols. Then at the end, the reader explains his/her sketch. Basically, as readers we have to stretch our thinking. Each time that we read, we should be changed somewhat in our thinking. I complied a visual journey with photos and videos of my students working in small groups and sharing their thinking in Sketch to Stretch.

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