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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Making Memes and Connecting Them To Tuck Everlasting and The Magician's Nephew

Here are some memes that my students made today in summer school. Most of them are based on the books that we have been reading. We finished reading Tuck Everlasting and are now reading The Magician's Nephew from the Chronicles of Narnia.  They shared them on Edmodo. We are using the Chromebooks so it was super easy to share from their Google Drive.  We used imgflip meme maker to make our memes. They were so funny!

From The Point Of View Of Uncle Andrew

From the Point of View of Polly from the Magician's Nephew

From the Point of View of Digory.

From the Point of View from Kevin Durant

From the Point of View of Uncle Andrew.

Student Opinion

From the Point of View of Digory

From the Reader's Point of View from Tuck Everlasting

Reader's Point of View after reading Tuck Everlasting

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