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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Computer Problems

I am finally back to posting. My computer was on the fritz last week. I opened it up to see a blue screen. It is the much feared blue screen of death. I thought that my computer was crashing since it wouldn't let me get past this blue screen that said that I need a tech person to fix it.  Recently, I had back up most of my files on an external hard drive. I did, however, have some photos and videos of my student work that I wanted to keep. I had used some of them to highlight the 40 Book Challenge with my classroom. I had not posted these photos yet, but I had made video of my students.

I handed my computer over to Brent, the computer tech person. When situation like this occurs, Brent become the much needed triage emergency room doctor. He has to take my almost lifeless computer, perform CPR and then get down to diagnosing weather my computer can be saved. I kept thinking to myself, "Can he save my files?  Can he save my photos and videos?" I handed him my computer on Friday morning. I checked in during noon and then before I went home. There my computer laid. It just sat there opened and clinging to life. He was doing a computer scan of some sort. "Good! It still has life!" Brent was optimistic. "I think we could save some files. We cannot know for certain. I can get it to you probably by Monday." he said. I  was grateful and optimistic with his prognosis. I wondered what I would do all weekend without my computer. How was I going to function? I love my laptop. How would I post? How would I get summer school plans done? How would I post photos that I needed that were on my computer?  No answers. Then I began to get out of the crazy malaise. "You can use your phone and your daughter's computer," I thought to myself. I felt a little better about things. I did, however, still miss my laptop. It would be a long weekend.

When I returned to work on Monday, Brent told me some great news. My computer was saved! I didn't lose any files or photos!  I would have to wait until today though. Knowing the news made me feel better and determined to wait it out until today.

Today Brent came in my room and brought me back my lovely laptop. He had to do a few things more while I worked with my students. Within about an hour, my laptop was docked and ready for use. He even saved my favorites for me!  That is such a blessing.

I was able to show the students how to use Camtasia from the Active Board today instead of them huddling around the classroom laptop to see. Now they could see it on the big screen. That was definitely helpful!

Not too, too bad!  This past week has been quite hectic because of my technology issue. I guess if I learned anything, I learned that I need to back up my files and photos more often. You never know when the computer will get sick. I was fortunate that mine didn't take a turn for the worse!

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