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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Blueprints from TEA

The Texas Education Agency has just released new blueprints from all tested subject areas. I have uploaded them and placed them in my Box account if you would like to access the blueprints. You may also access them at the TEA website. Go to the link entitled BOX.

The 4th grade STAAR Writing test now has 24 multiple choice questions. Sixteen questions are from the editing realm. Eight questions come from the revision realm. The expository essay is also included. I am not sure how it will all be weighted. I tried to call TEA's testing division today, but there was no response. (No one answered the phone.) I will continue to try to seek clarification on how the composition is weighted. Last year there were 18 multiple choice questions and an expository essay. The expository essay was graded on a rubric of 0-4. TEA incorporated the adjacent scoring model where two people score. Their scores are added up and combined with the multiple choice questions. I am not sure if the same system will be employed. If so, then there will be 24 multiple choice questions combined with a possible score of 8 in the adjacent scoring model. That would be added up to a raw score of 32. I am not sure what the passing standard and advanced level raw scores would be.  When I know more, I will post the latest information.

4th Grade Blueprint

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