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Friday, November 4, 2016

Pronouns Anyone?

I have been working with fourth grade students on recognizing pronouns. I wanted them to be able to recognize the the noun as the antecedent. I also wanted them to track the path of the pronouns as referent. I asked the students if they knew what the function of a pronoun was, and they didn't seem to know. I then introduced subjective pronouns to the students. I then wrote two sentences where I introduced the noun as the subject of the sentence.I then wrote another sentence where a pronoun was the subject of the sentence. We then tracked the path of the pronouns and the noun. I had them track the antecedent (noun) from the previous sentence. I then tried to find an example in a book. I copied the two sentences. I underlined the subject noun from the first sentence. Then I looked for the pronoun subject in the second sentence. I drew an arrow to track the pronoun to the antecedent. The students then worked with a partner to find an example of the subject noun and then the find the pronoun referent in the second sentence. They had so much fun finding them. They copied their examples in their pronoun books. They shared their example with the class. The next day, the students reviewed the process and shared example. Then they included their own examples in their notebooks. I really enjoyed taking them through this process.  The photos below are from student writing. My inspiration for doing this activity came from Jeff Anderson in Mechanically Inclined and Kylene Beers's book When Kids Can't Read.

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