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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Closet...April 17th-18th

Closet...April 17th-18th
By Maureen Ucles

11:30 pm
April 17th
Booming, crashing
Invades my house
Cats run
I follow
to the closet
Shelter in place

In the closet
no where to lounge
carpet filings
all around

In the closet
not great air
I don't care
shelter in place
lights flicker
on and off

Coast is clear
No more pelting
do I hear
decent rain
no lightning near
sandman reigns
in my ear
Time to sleep!

3:15 am
awoken with rumblings
April 18th
Winds wailing
Outside it's falling
ice from the sky
pelting the roof 
and windows
like popcorn with 
a megahorn
the sky is falling
chicken little
am I
to the closet

In the closet 
once again
blankets, pillows
cell phone in hand
lights flicker
then darkness
total darkness
wind whistles
my phone
Tornado Warning!
Take shelter immediately
interior room or closet
That's me
in my closet
counting the minutes

Tornado expired
walk out to hear
heavy rain
no pelting
when will it stop?
electricity's back
Channel 13 Doppler
White! White! White!
When will it end?

Open front door
waters a rising
sidewalk disappears
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Beads in hand!
Prayers up to heaven!
No more rain!

4:45 calming
no more red or white
yellow is so nice!
No more closet!
6:00 am
sleep calls again

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