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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Grasping At Straws- National Poetry Month-from the Archives

I am bringing back this poem that I wrote a couple of years back. I hope you enjoy it.

Grasping for Straws-Today's Written Poem of the Day

Okay since it's National Writing Poetry Month and I 've accepted the challenge, much has been on my mind. I've been searching high, I've been searching low,  sounds like Milli Vanilli to me!  BBBBBBBAAAAABBBAAA  BBBBAABBBYYY !!!!!!
Don't forget my number!
 Okay, don't forget my poem  is more like it.
So I've been grasping at straws all day! Enjoy!

Grasping At Straws

By Maureen Ucles

In the Wee Hours of the Morning
I've been grasping
For some semblance of meaning
Some sort of reason why
I should hold on
My iced tea

Breakfast haven, right?
McDonalds Inc
Okay now
Has my breakfast

Just like any other
Scrambled eggs
Sausage Patty
Drives me crazy
A little bit batty

Small coffee
Seven creams
No sugar
Not demanding
I am

Large Iced
No sugar
Just for
little old me
Not demanding
in the least

Had to wait
with a-
"Pull over to the side!"
that demeaning  raspy voice
To the side
Maybe 3 minutes
Stretch it out to more like five

Everything is fine
Or so I thought
Not so fast
My straw!
My straw!

My straw?
My perfect
Mickey D's Delight
Striped with Red
Crowned with

Are you kidding
It's April 3rd now
Too late for the fools
But the jokes
 on me
yes me

I've got no straw
To call my own
Hold the stinking phone!
Did ya hear me?
No straw
To drink 
As I go!

I can't drink 
on my way
Lid comes off
So I can drink
It will spill 
as I break
On the Katy

No straw and no lid
To  hold
All the tea 
That precious liquid cargo
gone flying out
Covering my seat
Splashing onto the dash
Into the glove
All the way to the back

Life is so cruel
Incredibly unfair
How can I get through this day?
I really can't bare
Without my Mickey D's 
No straw,
no straw
 could you spare?

I have napkins
napkins galore
On  my passenger's seat
Got Truvia packets in the 
all my compartments
Receipts on the floor
But no, no,
Straw to adore?

What's this world coming to?
When you cannot rely?
Ronald's dropped the ball
Made the unforgivable mistake
The straw is absent 
once more
Too much to take in
I'm loosing my mind
No marbles to be found here
I searched the whole car
I'm Out of luck 
I find
Myself tearing up
to no avail
Going to face it alone
I'm  locked interminably
In this draconian jail

So today is gone
The past  will linger
Tomorrow is not promised
I won't lift a finger.

Please give me a darn straw!
For crying out loud!
Before I  fall
Fall and fall
and fall

Remember, remember
and all-
Life is nothing
I said
Life is nothing!
I reiterate
Life is absolutely nothing
without some 
Iced Tea 
and a

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