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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker

I am on the chapter called The Web, The Tree, and the String. Today, I had to reread this chapter a bit more than anticipated. I haven't read this one for a while. I had to get back to it again. I loved the way that he spoke about nouns and how some people get them confused. I know that the short definition is that a noun is person, place, thing. Now it has blossomed to include ( or maybe it was always that way) a person, place, thing, idea or concept. That makes sense.

I know that I will have to return to reread more since it was packed full of new things that I wasn't aware of like, for example that a noun can sometimes modify a noun. He went on about the modifiers and their purpose as well. I wonder if my English teacher from 8th grade had ever read this book. I learned all that I know from Ms. West. We diagrammed the world in her class. I remember liking it, but don't ask me how to do it now. My daughter, a journalism major, is taking American Grammar at her university and has to diagram sentences. Maybe I should be a refresher from her. I know, I digress and bird walk a litttle. Please forgive me. I am blogging though, so I think it might be okay to go off on a tangent.

I like the terms that he gives for certain things like words that have role of determiner. It reminds me of Jeff Anderson's work. He labels certain function of grammar. It is very helpful to use these terms so that you know what the writer and writing is doing.

I have so much to learn. I can't wait to have some time to really delve into this book. I also have a few more books on grammar. I am turning into a grammar fanatic, and I think I like it!

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