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--Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lunchtime Blues...Low Carb Troubles with Meme

It seems that ordering nachos without the tortilla chips is frowned upon in this establishment. I ordered cheese sauce and ground beef today. The response that I received was comical. It was as if I was asking for the Brooklyn Bridge. "You cannot order just that. We can't sell it," one person said. "I can't have the carbs," I said. So then we wrangled back and forth. I conceeded that I would pay full price. (I never said that I wouldn't.) After 2 minutes of shock, I was awarded cheese sauce, ground beef, two helpings of corn. (I only wanted one.) Today shall be called Leave My Carbs Alone Day in honor of the paralysis that I caused in the school cafeteria. Tomorrow I will go to Whataburger and ask for a Whataburger with cheese, all the way, but without the bun to see what other calamities that my request may cause. Being low carb is frightening to some. How can you eat nachos without the chips? Easily, but leave 5 minutes for the shock to wear off and a brief explanation. What a day!

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