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--Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The 11 Minute Essay Live!

I recorded my students sharing their 11 Minute Essay from Monday and today. I was amazing to watch them use the visual prompt and structure. They all chose different examples and ways to explain the truism. I learned how to use this structure at Gretchen Bernabei's workshop. Wow! My students were not given extra prompts. They were given a visual prompt and a truism. Little by little they selected an example from a story, movie, and a historical moment. Then they concluded their essay with I wonder. I was amazed at their wonderings. I am amazed with what they wrote in 11 minutes. The material is raw and we can go back and revise. It is a wonderful place to start.

The first day some students weren't completely sure what to do, but they were risk takers and tried it out. The next day, after we have take time to share our writing in pairs, they were able to see how other students approached this structure. Today, students who wrote practically nothing, wrote frantically.  I hope you find this video helpful! I am super proud of my young writers in the wild!

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