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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twenty Posts Before January 1st-True

I have a little time on my hands. I have a little time to write more. The challenge for me now is to have six hundreds post published before January 1, 2016. I know I can do it. I always have ideas popping through my head that never see the light of this blog.

Today I went to Egg and I and feasted on a the Arizona Turkey sandwich. While waiting for my food, I finished the book titled True of by Katherine Hannigan. Katherine Hannigan previously wrote Ida B. I read Ida B earlier this year and I really liked it. I decided to read her book called True. It was a very good book about discovering friendship and change. I liked it more than Ida B. I highly recommend it. It would be a great addition to any classroom library and book club.

The character Delly is constantly in trouble at school and around her neighborhood. She is a 5th grade girl who has trouble controlling her emotions and impulses. She meets a unusual girl named Ferris Boyd, who can play a mean game of basketball. Ferris doesn't talk, but communicates through writing notes. Ferris has a secret that Delly slowly figures out.  Delly's impulsive behavior becomes manageable after she meets and befriends Ferris.

If you get a change to read it, it will be well worth your while.

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