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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Football Recap-New Day, New Post

Well it is Saturday and September so what does that mean?  Hot weather, thunderstorms, peering at the Gulf of Mexico, and watching some serious football.  Football morning, noon and night.  It is time for college football.  I love September because life seems to be in balance.  After a long summer of boring baseball and watching the grass grow, all is right with the world and football.  I love Saturday evenings because there are some really exciting games to watch.  Tonight I was flipping the channels like a bunch of bored men.  I had some method to my madness though.  There were three, can you believe it? three games of interest tonight.  My Notre Dame Irish were playing rival Michigan.  Unfortunately, this storied rivalry will not continue. Ugh! This is the last time they will play!  I am sad, but not so much for the outcome of tonight's game.  Notre Dame spanked the Wolverines.  I was surprised because Michigan has won the last few years. These games always go down to the last second. Not this year.

I am always happy when any Michigan team loses.  I watched a little of the Oregon and Michigan State game.  The last time I looked Oregan's Heisman hopeful quarterback Mariota was running wild. It was close until the 4th quarter.  I cannot really say this, but since it is only between you and me, I actually wanted Michigan State to win. The only reason was because I wanted the Big Ten to be somewhat respected. Not after today though. Ohio State lost.  Michigan State lost. Michigan lost and other Big Ten wanna be contenders flailed. Ohio State is looking for a quarterback.  Their big gun is out for the year.  Boy do I miss Braxton Miller!   Their freshman quarterback is learning. That is not a great sign for the Buckeyes.  Because of the freshman's inexperience, Ohio State just fell to Virginia Tech at the Horseshoe!  Too many sacks and picks tonight for Ohio State to overcome. What can you do?  I hope that at least Ohio State can beat Michigan State, but more importantly Michigan.  If that happens, then life will be okay for me.

Notre Dame though! Wow!  What a difference Everett Golson makes!  He stomped on Michigan.  It wasn't even close. Notre Dame's defense also showed up in a very big way.  There is hope for this season after all.  Go Irish!

September and all is well in my world.  Even if my beloved Buckeyes aren't going to be in the BCS playoffs, that is okay because football is back.  My Irish may make some noise this year.  I'm loving it!

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