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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Houston SPCA Trip

My daughter has been volunteering like crazy these days.  She is a regular at the Reading Room.  Houston Public Library knows her well.  Now add the Houston SPCA to the list.  I went with her to the Houston SPCA Volunteer Orientation tonight.  The orientation with the Power Point was brief and then the trainers took us and other would be volunteers around the facility.  We saw where they keep exotic animals. We ventured through the adoption rooms for cats and dogs.  We went to see the supply area and then we got to see the big and small dogs.  The big dogs seemed sad.  I wanted to adopt them all.  Their eyes begged for a nice home, with someone to love them. If I ever decide to get a big dog, I will go to the Houston SPCA.  We finally were escorted to the cattery.  We saw an exercise room for the big cats who need to shed a few pounds.  They were just laying down. It might be a while before they visit the rest of the normal weighted cats. They were so cute.  Then we went in a big area where adult cats and kitties were housed.  They all looked so adorable!  I wanted to adopt them all.

Our orientation lasted a little over an hour.  It was definitely a great experience.  This experience made me want to volunteer.  I need to contact them online and give them times that I can volunteer.  If you want to volunteer, they are asking that you volunteer weekly for at least 2 hours.  My daughter is so excited about this opportunity.  If you know my daughter, you know that she adores animals.  If you know her really well, you know that she loves cats and dogs.  I hope she gets a chance to work with all kinds of animals. We will see.

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