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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scratch and Itch-New Day, New Post

Just getting an itch.  Getting so excited about this future itch.  Usually my itches come from lack of Bendadryl and allergies to all things Houston.  I am allergic to the different pollens, mold and grasses around Houston.  When I first starting seeing my allergist, he said, "Welcome to Houston!"

When you have an itch, you usually scratch it.  Usually the itch might be something  negative, like something isn't going so great in your environment.  For me, that is usually the case, but not this time. No this time is different, way different.  This time, I cannot quiet this itch.  No amount of Benadryl, Claritin or even Zertec can quiet the rumblings sounds of the itch.  "Scratch, scratch, scratch!" This itch has been with me for such a long, long time.  I have satisfied these allergies numerous times and in numerous ways.  It is as if I was placating it with different answers, resolutions and some type of pacification.  Not any more.  This whisper has grown into a full blown lion's roar.  This roar can be described closely to a category five hurricane or a catastrophic Tsunami.  Definitely this cannot be ignored much longer.  I cannot and will not ignore it anymore.  Nope. That is not posssible. Sometime very soon, my attempts to satisfy this itch will be realized and I will be in more than my element.  I am so pumped about it.

The other day I became a little giddy when looking at books from a Scholastic Book Fair.   My giddiness heightened, when I spoke with  the Book Whisperer herself, Donalyn Miller.  I saw the books in a far different light.  My eyes lit up and the possibilities before me seemed endless.  Cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot wait to scratch this itch  soon.  Why have I waited this long is beyond me. How could I have walked away with such a precious gift? I really don't know, but what I do know is that it is about time.  Someday soon, I will be scratching this itch, without any regrets...only possibilities.  To be continued.

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