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Monday, September 15, 2014

On Meeting Donalyn Miller

Donalyn Miller and Maureen Ucles
Today I had the great pleasure of meeting Donalyn Miller at Edgewood Elementary.  I had a meeting in the library, but I had no idea that I would meet up with Donalyn Miller.  On Friday I visited Edgewood for another meeting near the library and I noticed the Scholatic Book Fair.  Books are my weakness.  I buy too many for my budget or lack thereof.  As I was perusing the books, I noticed a display of professional books by Donalyn.  I was excited to see these great books be apart of the book fair.  Donalyn's The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild are engaging professional books that every teacher should have in their library.  I love the way that she writes in her books. It is a great narrative of her work over the years.  The fact that she is so candid with what worked and didn't work in her classroom makes these reads so endearing.  You enter in her classroom and do not want to leave. I could easily picture myself there.

Donalyn, as in her books, is so approachable. In the education world she is sort of a rock star.  Some people in that position might consider themselves above the rest of us peons.  Donalyn is the opposite. I carried on a great conversation with her today. It was as if I was speaking to one of my teacher colleagues.
Today, when I woke up, I had no earthly idea that I would meet a giant in literacy.  I walked into a meeting and my friend said matter of factly, "Well, you know that Donalyn Miller is coming here today."  I said, "Really? Stop lying!"  I couldn't believe it. Before I had to leave Edgewood this morning, I saw her chatting with the media specialist.  I spoke with her for a bit and snapped a photo. This chance encounter made my day, week and quite possibly month.  Not only that, but Donalyn tweeted out that she had met me.  Who does that?  She also followed me.  Of course I asked her to read this blog and be a contributor.  I am definitely going to follow up with that one.  I hope she will post very soon.
I read her blog and follow her on Twitter already.  I am posting some links below for you to explore the works of this wonderful woman and educator!  Wow!  What a day!

Donalyn's Blog-Book Whisperer
Donalyn on Twitter-donalynbooks

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