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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rainy Days Not So Bad

This week has been full of rain, rain, and more rain.  You would think that I would be tired of seeing gloomy clouds and buckets and buckets of rain.  I haven't had to drive in the torrential down pours so I must say that I have enjoyed this weather.  The Sun has not been peeking through lately and so the 80's temperature is quite wonderful to behold.  When I go out in the morning, I am not traumatized by the humidity.  Usually, as I go out the door, I am slammed with the sticky, disgusting humidity of Houston.  This week...not so much.  Not so much and not too bad.  I do not miss the Sun and I like the cool days thus far.  It is a nice change, to say the least.

We are in September and inching ever so close to October.  I hope this weather will bring on changes from the 90's to 80's and have the 80's, in October,  give way to beautiful November.

Yes, I have hope now.  I can feel it in the air.  These days seem to tease me with a hint of Autumn.  A hint of Autumn and November in Houston.  I so cannot wait for the temperatures to drop to the 70's during the day and the great sleeping 50's at night.  Turtle necks come out of the closet and little jackets and coats are dusted off.  I love the Fall weather, especially when November emerges.  I welcome November with open arms and a throw on my shoulder.  I welcome November with pumpkin smells and Starbucks Autumn flavored coffees.  I welcome November and Ohio State and Michigan.  November and the only game that really matters all year.  November, again, with pumpkin pie and hot apple cider with cinnamon on a Sunday morning, afternoon, evening or night.  Just November!  Ahhh November.  You can't get here fast enough.

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