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--Dr. Seuss

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Am From-Young Poet in the Wild

I will be posting, from time to time, some poems and other writing from the young poets in the wild. I decided to post one of the poems because I had taken a photo with my iPevo document camera. I may have others on my phone. I need to import them to my computer, but I always get these warning on my computer that I don't have much memory. I love media and I like to keep it stored on my computer for easy use. I guess I am going to have to buy a portable hard drive for all of my media from my phone. I have some in the cloud, but it takes so much time to figure out which photo I want and to then begin the downloading process.

Without further adieu, here is one of poems from one my young poets in the wild. I know she will be extremely excited to see her work on this blog. I hope you enjoy it!

First Draft

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