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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why I Teach Writing-Say Back

I wanted to have something special for today. One of my friends sent me a tweet last night. She mentioned that today is National That's Why I Write. I was hoping to have time to write something special. There's nothing more special than writing itself and sharing my love of writing than teaching writing with young writers. I wanted to share this video that I was thinking of producing over the weekend, but never had time to do until now. My wonderful, wonderful, wonderful students are sharing the fruits of their writing with other young writers. They are conducting a peer conference called Say Back. It comes from Dr. Joyce Carroll's and Eddie Wilson's book called Acts of Teaching. The students are conferring and listening for things that they like about the writing and also letting the writer know things they are curious about knowing more. Here is a peek into this world. I thought I would tweet out #whyiwrite on Twitter.  This is why I teach and have a passion about writing! Love it! I hope you do too!

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