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--Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Poem Plumbing

Poem Plumbing
by Maureen Ucles

All my ideas
Going down the sink
No place to go
Stopped up

I've got a poem
poem plumbing
poem plumbing problems

My sinks are clogged
Minds continually fogged
want to get 
words down
onto this screen
why me?

Nothing flowing
halted to the ceiling
waters flowing out
onto the floor
can't think
can't deal with this
poem plumbing problem
screeching to 
an abrupt halt

What to do?
Feeling the pressure
to amuse
my kids
their smiles
I can't write!
what a disaster
in my brain
cannot think
ideas not flowing
me not knowing
calm down 
the panic
to perform

What if they 
don't like it?
What if I flop?
What if it's 
plain bad
Oh, please!
Just stop!
It will be fine.
Start to write
You will see
things just 
pop out
pop in
words fly
don't know why

will try
start some place
on this 
blanketed page
for less
than minimum wage
for free
just to see
a smile
a wow
maybe tomorrow
maybe right now

No more poem plumbing
call off the dogs
got the answer
this sink's not clogged
pen to paper
paper to pen
think I can do it
in the zone
of my very own
poem plumbing
left the building
for today

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