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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Proyecto de Estudios Sociales-Regiones en Texas-Social Studies Project

My students have been working on a Social Studies related project. They have been researching information about the regions in Texas. They have worked on this within a group situation. They used computers, their own hand held devices, hard copies of Social Studies Weekly, and some other websites that they found to be helpful. I uploaded some websites on Edmodo too. One of my students found a site that would be beneficial. She added the link on Edmodo as well.

They decided to have their presentation materials use a backdrop of posterboard, student writing, and printed copies of photos. They then congregated, make a plan, and presented.

I recorded their presentation on my iPod. As they went through this presentation, I gave them some tips. They had presented before using video, so I think that they are becoming more familiar with it. We took a few takes on the presentation. What you will see is the final cut. I feel proud of their progress so far. Soon they will be doing other projects where they will be video taping and making their own projects digitally. One step at a time!  I hope you enjoy this.

(My class is bilingual/biliterate. I teach Social Studies in Spanish. That is what you will see. They could have easily done the same in English.)

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