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--Dr. Seuss

Sunday, August 17, 2014


What is on my mind today?  Cats!  Cats! Cats!   I have three of them and sometimes I ask, "Why do I have cats?"  I love them, but sometimes they drive me crazy.  My three cats Sammy, Sandy and Suzi have distinct personalities and quirks.  These quirks drive me bonkers!

Sammy has his strange behavoirs. One being that he has to ruin the cats drinking water, whenever left alone.  I have never seen him do it, but I know he is the only one who likes to put things in the drinking water.  He has put his nasty dollar store green and yellow striped ball in the water, his shiny metallic type ball in the water, and the blue thing that wraps around the milk top in his water.  That is not so bad really. It doesn't cause murkiness.  Nope, what causes their water to go from the clear water into a murky pond, is his kibble. He transfers his kibble from the feeding bowl and puts it in his water bowl.  Why?  I have no idea.  By the end of the day, the cats come running to me with a thousand complaints about Sammy's antics.  They won't drink it or even look at it.  It has become completely ruined.  I change the water and in five minutes, Sammy drops his kibble bombs in their water.    Every morning at 5 am Sandy comes to my room and pats me on the face, to try to get me to clean up Sammy's toxic mess.  If she cannot get me up by tapping on my face, she takes matters in her paws by knocking things off of my dresser.  They crash and I wake up screaming!  "Stop it!"  She scampers out and then in ten minutes  I hear other things crashing to the floor.  "Sammy!"

Suzi is a sweet Tabby who is rather skiddish.  She is quiet and does her low rider moves when she  scampers from my bedroom to the living room and then to the kitchen.  She tries to be rather elusive, but I catch a glimpse her every time.  She then gets something to eat and scampers back to my room.  I keep my door closed, most of the time, due to Sammy's other bad behavoir. He cannot be in my room without my supervision.  Suzi tries to run back to see that I have closed the door to my room.  She then will scratch under the door a thousand times, until I get up from my computer, study, or television viewing until I open the door to her safe refuge.  I  let her in and about thirty minutes later she will scratch uncontrollably, until I let her out of my room.  That doesn't sound so bad, but when I am  into something and I have to stop  to let her out, it can be quite annoying. ANNOYING!

Did I mention the fact that Suzi is also skiddish?  She is afraid of any little noise and of strangers.  My sister and her sons come over to visit.  When she hears their voices, she runs for my room.  If she can get into my room, she hides under the bed and then climbs into my dresser drawers.  I do not understand how she climbs into them, but she does.  When my sister leaves, I go into my room to sleep.  At 2 am in the  morning, I find myself awaken from the sound of a beast climbing out of my dresser drawers.  I wake up with a start, and realize that my cat is just crashing out of my dresser. Not someone robbing the house, nope. My cat is crashing out of the one of my dresser drawers.  The drawer usually comes crashing down on the floor.  So much for uninterrupted sleep!

Sandy, Sandy, Sandy, Sandy!  What can I say about my sweet, innocent, little angelic cat? My daughter has a different take on Sandy, my orange Tabby. She rightly calls her the Orange Terror.  Sweet? Sometimes.  Innocent? Maybe...and that is pushing it.  Angelic...which type of angels are you referring Lucifer was a fallen angel. My sweet, angelic Sandy drives me absolutely crazy! She likes to knock everything to the floor.  If she can perch on a table, desk, dresser or coffee table, anything on the edge or close to the edge, is toast.  She cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot allow anything close to the edge to remain standing.  Nope.  Everything has to fall, fall, tumbling down, down, down!  When she first started doing her swipe thing, I though it was cute.  Cute turned to annoying really, really fast!  I cannot tolerate this behavior.  She knows that too.  If she wants me to awake from my slumber, she will knock things down from their pedestals.  The higher the crash value, the greater my reaction.  I think that is what she is trying to do to me!  Sandy!

Not only does her swiping drive me crazy, but she has a really nasty habit of eating anything that is plastic.  She eats plastic!  I kid you not!  She chews on the plastic casings of my Houston Chronicle.  She nibbles on the plastic bags from the produce section of Krogers.  She feasts on anything plastic. . . anything. I try to keep all things plastic away from her.  I place them in the trash can or try to place them on shelves.  Some way she seems to find them.  She swipes them out of the garbage can.  I am at wits end, trying to deter her from her plastic feasts.  It drives me absolutely crazy hearing her chew on plastic, underneath my bed at 4:00 am in the morning.  I scream, "STOP EATING PLASTIC!" I cannot do anything because she is out of my reach, underneath my bed.  I  have to suffer through the sounds of her chowing down on plastic bags.  Oh, the horror!  Five hours of so, after hearing this horrid action, she graces me with her puking sounds!  Yes, she barfs up her plastic delicacy. It takes about 10-15 seconds to hear her guttural groans and then she produces plastic puke. The walls vibrate from the sounds of this cats upchucking.  Most cats bring up the hair balls!  My cat barfs up plastic balls!

Cats!  Cats! Cats!  Why do I cats?  I love them, but I go bonkers with their obnoxious behaviors.  They say that there  is no rest for the weary.  I agree wholeheartedly, especially if you have three insane cats!  HELP!

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