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Sunday, August 17, 2014

No Post Yesterday

I wasn't able to post yesterday.  My daughter and I went to her confirmation day of reflection.  We left at 8:30 am and arrived home after 3 pm.  I was so happy to spend the day with my daughter, as she prepares for her confirmation.

The day was going very smoothly at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church. When we left the church, I started seeing lights.  What do I mean seeing lights?  We were going to go to Michael's to buy some art supplies.  It was extremely bright and hot outside.  As I was driving to Michael's I started seeing these prismatic lights.  From the side of my peripheral vision, I started seeing lights as if I were looking through a prism.  I have some to understand that this is what happens when a migraine is starting to form.  I parked and allowed my daughter to drive me to Michael's and then to the house.  When I arrived home, I went straight to my bedroom.  I had a serious light sensitivity problem.  My stomach was upset and the only thing that would work, to minimize the effects of a migraine, is sleep and rest.  I put my thermostat on 72 and went to sleep.  The back of my neck was so tense.  This is typical of my migraines.  I later woke up and took two Tylenol and went back to sleep.

When I awoke it was mostly gone.  I hate that because I felt as if I was robbed of the rest of my evening.  I didn't get to do the things that I had planned.  Migraines are debilitating and there is no compromising with them.  When I see lights, it is not majestic or heavenly.  Lights equal pain, pain and more pain.  My eyes hurt and my head kills me.  I am glad that my migraine did decide to occur after  the day of reflection.  I didn't want to ruin my daughter's day.

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