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Sunday, August 24, 2014

High Hits

I watched the Texans and Broncos play last night.  I was enjoying the game.  I love me some Peyton Manning and JJ Watt.  I also enjoy seeing the passing.  I guess that is why I watch Peyton because you know he is going to let it fly to multiple receivers.  He did  not disappoint.  What did cause me to pause and take notice was shot to the head of Bronco's slot receiver Wes Welker.  He caught a pass across the middle of the field.  He had no problem hauling it in, but the problem occurred a slight second after he caught the pass.  DJ Swearinger laid him out.  Swearinger lead with his shoulder and hit him in the head. It looked vicious and I had to wonder if Welker would be able to get up from that hit. Swearinger was flagged for a hit to the head. Just flagged, while Welker walked off the field and into the locker room.  Welker could not play another snap that night. He was done and concussed.  Swearinger, on the other hand, pleaded his case all over the field for the next half hour.  He kept saying that he lead with the shoulder.  It doesn't matter if you lead with the shoulder or head in that case because he hit high in the neck and head area.

The NFL has put in some new rules, the last few years, to try to protect players from concussions. One of the rules is that a defensive player cannot hit a defenseless player high.  They must give the receiver a place to land.  Swearinger did not allow Welker, the defenseless player, a place to land and he hit him on the helmet.  Welker left the game concussed.

I think the rules for hitting someone high and hitting a defenseless player should be changed.  I think it should cost the defensive player more.  It should be an eye for an eye type of thing, if not more.  Swearinger's actions cost his team a 15 yard personal foul penalty and then play continued.  To change that, the Texans should be assessed a 15 yard penalty and he should be ineligible to play the rest of the game.  Welker was taken out and so should the defensive player.  Sure Swearinger will be fined some time this week, but it doesn't take away the effect of not having Welker on the field.  If you do the crime you must pay the fine of a 15 yarder, be taken out of the game and be fined later.  That is how you would handle the concussion problems. Is it worth it for a defensive player to be taken out of the game?  Is it worth it to the team?  This may be another measure that needs to be looked into.  Defensive players can have an effect on games.  What if he would have taken out Peyton Manning with a concussion?  Then that would have given the Texans a total advantage.  If your player is taken out, then the defensive player should be taken out too.  That is far more consequential than a 15,000 dollar fine and fifteen. If you are the NFL and player safety is important to you, then give it some teeth and take the person responsible for a high hit out too.  That is my opinion on this subject and I am sticking to it!

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